Sporty Summer Sliders

Even though we absolutely adore our trainers and are guilty of owning multiple pairs (that take up what seems like half of our wardrobes!), even we have to acknowledge that we can’t always get away with wearing our trainers at all times. Especially during the summer months, times when we do truly have to ditch our trainers (sob) include when we’re at the beach, when we’re at the pool or when it is simply sweltering outside and even our coolest and lightest trainers aren’t helping. Luckily for these kinds of situations we can turn to sliders which have been in fashion thankfully for the last few seasons now. These useful summer sandals tend to be sporty, more robust and better for your feet than your average flip-flop, and are basically the closest thing that we can get to wearing trainers that are in fact sandals. If you are going away on holiday this summer or are already dreaming of long and lazy days at the seaside, then check out these cool summer sliders right here.

If you want a slider from a top brand that also boasts some fancy schmancy technical specifications, then get yourself a pair of Nike sliders like the picture shown above. Generally available in black and white or in just plain black, we love this white and silver version that will show off a tan perfectly and are a bit more feminine too. This pair of sliders is breathable and flexible, and feature a Solarsoft sole for the ultimate in sandal comfort. The seams are also done using Fuse technology apparently meaning that there will be nothing to rub and to cause discomfort when you slip them on. If you love your Nike trainers, then grab a pair of these Nike sliders for yourself this summer. Even though they’re a big brand, they still only cost £18.99, so you’ve nothing to wait for!

For another pair of sporty sliders that are from a big name sports brand, we love these funky khaki ones from Puma. Tapping into the military camouflage trend, these handy sandals won’t show up any grub, will still look great with whatever you wear, and feature a soft cushioned sole and textile front for the ultimate in comfort. The textured sole will give you plenty of grip even when you’ve been in the water, and like the Nike sliders above, they are a really reasonable price costing just £20.

Best known for their trendy and upmarket wellies that the Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of, these sliders from British outdoor brand Hunter are perfect if you want to treat your feet. Available in either red and white, or red and black, these sliders are classy and cool with their huge Hunter logo adorning the front of them. Available for both men and women you could partake in some power dressing when you’re at the beach, with these lightweight sandals. You can find them online at the Hunter site, and they cost £55 a pair.

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