Designer Trainers

We are obviously huge fans of trainers here at Sneakers Crazy, and are even happier that the trainer trend sets to be a permanent addition to the fashion world. In the last few years or so, designers have really started to get seriously creative when it comes to their trainer designs and have finally realised just how versatile these wonders for our feet really are. That means that nowadays you can find some incredible trainers from some of the most high-end, luxury designers which you’ll find gracing the feet of some of the biggest celebrities in the world! While we may not all have a big budget to blow on some haute-couture trainers, luckily the high street often takes pretty good note, and at any rate, they are things of beauty to behold! To give yourself some serious trainer envy, take a look at these stunning designer trainers right here.

The Italian superstar design house of Gucci boasts some truly magnificent trainers which are gloriously ostentatious yet still pretty practical. With quirky embroidery, platforms, jewel embellishments, sequins, fantastic colours and more, their sneaker range is one to drool over! From their pretty comprehensive range of trainers, we absolutely adore these decadent and over the top ones that simply scream designer. In navy blue, deep red and gold leather, they are undoubtedly of good quality, but it is of course the addition of the embellishments that really sets them apart. Featuring the iconic Gucci big cat head, metallic studs and of course some pretty fierce looking golden spikes on the heel and sides, these trainers will be stealing the show as far as any outfit is concerned. Unsurprisingly they cost £485.

Now for a home-grown designer, we’ve picked some fabulous trainers designed by Alexander McQueen.  A comfortable and practical slip-on trainer, these plimsolls are of course made to the highest quality standards from the softest leather and suede. The bold embroidered flower on the front is one of the key trends of this season, but these shoes avoid looking too girly with their funky and chunky side buckles. Add to this the elevated platform sole, and you have a pair of stunning sneakers that not only look good but will make you feel good too. A bit cheaper than the Gucci pair, these clock in at £395.

If you are looking for a pair of trainers that are just about as haute couture as you can go, then you will want to pick a pair from no other place than Chanel. These beauties are made from calfskin leather, tweed and PVC and the bright red, yellow and blue colours mean that they are certainly eye-catching. We love the hi-top style and the cool twist on traditional country tweeds. This pair of beautiful trainers is undeniably designer and everyone else will know it too! Even better though, these trainers feature a 1.2cm heel to sneakily add some height whilst still managing to keep it casual. And the price? Well these cost £840…

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