Sporty Summer Sliders

Even though we absolutely adore our trainers and are guilty of owning multiple pairs (that take up what seems like half of our wardrobes!), even we have to acknowledge that we can’t always get away with wearing our trainers at all times. Especially during the summer months, times when we do truly have to ditch… Read More Sporty Summer Sliders


Cute Kids Trainers

Not only do we as adults love our trainers, but they are also a really practical and comfortable design for little ones’ feet as well, making them a great shoe for toddlers. Designers seem to really understand this since each new season we often see miniature versions of adult trainers brought out in the cutest… Read More Cute Kids Trainers


Designer Trainers

We are obviously huge fans of trainers here at Sneakers Crazy, and are even happier that the trainer trend sets to be a permanent addition to the fashion world. In the last few years or so, designers have really started to get seriously creative when it comes to their trainer designs and have finally realised… Read More Designer Trainers